Obeing along.........................................

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Obeing Along..............

     I have had some obe ing (out of body experience) experiences since I was a kid. I thought everybody did.  Evidently not.  Some people just think you're nuts if you even mention any kind of psychic experience. Maybe they are the one's who are out of touch with reality. Yes I use to fly all over while sleeping when I was a kid.  Very lucid.  I just thought like I said, it was something everybody did.  Didn't have any idea only a select few get to obe. Or maybe people don't know that they are in an obe state when they are. Or maybe they just think it was a dream as they were flying around and could see themselves as clear as looking in a mirror, see other people, even carry on conversations. Maybe it is just a dream but if it's extremely vivid.......it is most likely more than just a dream.......and you will probably be there again..................... when it's time.........when you reach that life cycle.

Ever wonder why sometimes when you go some place you have never been, you feel like you have been there before?  Maybe you have............... Or when the phone rings and you know who it is? How about that knock on the door and walla!....................The person at the door's picture pops into your head.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dreams of Family?

     I was invited to a gathering that I was very interested in.  A few times actually before I decided to go.  When I did agree to go, I had a dream the night before.  It felt like I was half awake during the dream and could see clearly so I guess it was what is considered a lucid dream.  I felt fearful or apprehensive during the whole dream although I saw no one or nothing at the event to cause fear or apprehension.  They really were like family.  The trip was wonderful except for the surprising unexpected outburst of anger from this person which made me fearful of riding back with him although all turned out well in the end.  In fact we had a lot of fun on the trip back.  Yet a warning flag appeared in my mind because this was the second burst of anger that had erupted unexpectedly for no clear reason from this person in a short period of time.    This seemingly very sweet attentive person was in the dream but we were not close or didn't even appear to be together during the dream.  There was a family there in my dream - no one in particulars family.  The parents of the person I went with was also in the dream.  I wasn't really ready mentally to spend the night with this person which may be why I had the dream.  I think I felt pressured a bit but was not actually pressured.   I did not trust this person yet enough to start a loving relationship but was physically very attracted to this person so wanted to give it a chance.  Yet I was unable to share in a close loving experience as anticipated when the get together was planned due to being too nervous because of the dream and not knowing each other well enough.  It was a very sweet notion on this person's part and a good opportunity to get to know each other better as we seemed to get along well most of the time and we have a lot in common.  I considered the dream a warning because it made me feel fearful.  I think the part in the dream of a family was because there were people there who indulge in the same types of gatherings as this one making them all a family, in a way.  I think the parents of the person I was with being there in the dream but not in reality may be because the person's parents indulge in the same types of gatherings also.  The event was a fabulous drum session and gathering with many different types of drums in a peaceful atmosphere in the country.  A perfect atmosphere for this type of gathering.  All in all, it was very enjoyable and a fun trip.  I met a lot of really nice people and I appreciate that this sweet person took me there and look forward to returning.         

Friday, July 29, 2011

Spiritually All Tied Together

   It's all tied together spiritually.  Astrology - our sun sign and the solar system.  Dreams - Our subconscious trying to tell us something or trying to teach us?  Color - the way the colors effect the way we appear and feel.  Our name having meaning.  Our birth number has significance.  Even our body parts.  I have known this for years and have researched all of these in the past, except for the Tarot cards but have been thinking about them and have had the urge to get them for a couple of years now.  I feel like I'm being pulled toward the cards ..................for knowledge? For answers?  I don't know but the feeling is there.  I will find out when I get to that crossing. 
     Being tied together is just a feeling I have each time I enter a new spiritual field.  I never go in thinking they are spiritual or that they are tied together but I always leave with that feeling.  When did it start for me?  Entering into the spiritual realm?  I think when I was a little kid, now that I think back on certain happenings.  I use to feel like I wasn't alone sometimes when I was running around out in the woods.  I have never heard voices or seen a ghost but that does not mean that they don't exist.  A thought flash is my "little birdie told me so" instead of  voices.  I use to wake up in the night and see moving shadows....ghosts?....or at least I thought they could be something moving.  Course they could have been and most likely were shadows cast through the window from the moon light outside.  I always assumed I thought I saw things while laying in bed waiting to fall asleep because I had such bad eyesight and even worse in the dark.  I always covered my head and went to sleep with no weird occurrences that I can remember, except................. there was the one morning when we woke up with a bat in bed with us.......my sister and I.  You can imagine how quickly I scrambled to a standing position to fly out of bed and down the stairs as if I had wings.  I truly couldn't even tell you how my sister reacted because she was completely out of my site in the few seconds it took me to get down stairs.  I still wonder how the bat got under the covers and between us in the middle of the bed.  Thought bats hung by their feet at night?  Didn't know they lay down under covers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dreams of Falling

     I remember when I was young, around sixteen or seventeen I think when I ended up at a fortune teller's house with some friends one day.  Those were the days when seance's and Ouija board's were very popular among inquisitive teenagers along with going to graveyards at night to get spooked.  I have never been back for a fortune telling since then.......nor will I ever.  I don't remember what was discussed or how she told  fortunes, or if she even told mine.  It was the way she looked at me after she looked at the palm of my hand that put the fear in me................

I use to dream I was falling quite often back then but always woke up before I hit bottom.  I was told way back then that if you dream you are falling often, you're life will be filled with heartache.  I was also told that if you hit bottom when you are falling in a dream..........you will not wake up from the dream...........you will die.  Who knows if it is true or not.  No one can answer that........... I never hit bottom.  I haven't had dreams of falling for many years now but during that period in time.......I lost someone I loved.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Trapped in a Nightmare - Or Was I There?

     One night a long time ago, a night I don't want to remember, a night I avoid remembering or talking about, I had a very scary, very vivid nightmare.  I sprang up to a sitting position.....or did I?  In the nightmare I was in a sitting position.  I couldn't see!  It was pitch black!  I was moving my arms and head around wildly to get out.  I was trapped!  I couldn't breath!  Swinging my arms and head all around to see a way out of the blackness all around me.  I was so scared!  Then as abruptly as it started, it stopped.  I think that's when I woke up.  I jumped out of bed and looked around but there was nothing to see.  I never saw a face in the nightmare, nor did I feel there was anyone else around.  I found out soon after that someone very dear to me had gone off a cliff, landed in a creek six feet deep with water and drowned while trapped in her car seat........in a sitting position.  The accident was at exactly the same time of night that I had the nightmare.  You probably won't believe what I'm going to write next but this is what I think.  Because of the experiences I had in the nightmare and because I didn't see anyone or feel anyone else was around in the nightmare, didn't see who it was, I believe I had an out of body experience and was there trapped in the car seat in the pitch black, not being able to see or breath or get free and when it was over for her, that's when I woke up. When I think back on it, I think I broke away because I was so scared but that if I hadn't broken away.................. I may have seen her face............

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seeing Red

     Back in time.......just over 10 years or so ago........out in the desert......must have been sacred ground because I kept having the same dream.  Could be considered a nightmare I guess as it was vivid enough to wake me up......not each time I don't think.....not sure...maybe just the last time. I kept dreaming I was driving and I would be just about to crash into ......I'm not sure but I kept seeing red.  I think it was a red box truck........can't be sure though.  It was a long time ago. Never did crash in the dream. I always woke up just before.  In that same year and in the same month of the dreams......someone close to me was in an accident but I didn't find out right away...........we were out of touch at the time.  I can't tell who the dream is about usually and tend to think it's about me.  If a dream is about a stranger.......you may never know you dreamed about something that was going to happen and actually did happen because you may never hear about it......Now I know if I have the same vivid dream over and over something is going to happen..........but how to figure out what, when, where and to whom......is a dilemma.

I was always a very spiritual person and this and other dreams and visions while awake confirm to me that there really is a strong spiritual connection between certain people.  I know for a fact that mind reading is also truly possible because I went to a class once and a perfect stranger read some of my thoughts.  If you don't believe in the aura around you giving off vibes.......then how can one actually feel the vibes from someone who is angry with you when in their presence?  Sometimes it's someone you don't even know so it can't be because you already knew they were angry.  What about when you can feel your mate is upset?  You have no clue why but you can feel something is wrong.  We have all been there, felt that, huh?

I am very interested in research in the fields of mind reading and especially dreams and have been for years now. Maybe there were no witches after all.............

I have also been to a class that teaches you how to go back into dreams.  If you can remember them of course. Most often I don't.  Usually they have to be pretty vivid for me to remember.  I have been able to go back into a dream or two though in the past after a lesson at a drum session with a well known dream study expert, Robert Moss  so I know it's possible.  New world Library.

The mind is a very strong tool...............

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sacred Ground

    It was more than a vision this time.  I never saw a vision this time and didn't know who it was about.  In the same month of the dreams in my post Seeing Red, the month of December, while I slept on the same sacred ground out in the dessert near a mountain built by a man whom, well the story I heard was that he crashed his small plane there, then started building a mountain there in the dessert not far from the Salton Sea.  He called his mountain Salvation Mountain.  I woke up one morning on this land below sea level, and couldn't move.  I couldn't get up.  I tried to sit up but nothing would move.  I was frozen for a moment wondering what was going on and a little scared.  It was just so wierd. Thankfully it only lasted a few seconds.  I didn't know what the heck the problem was but later found out that someone very close to me had had a minor accident at work and was momentarily paralyzed.  He had done something to his back..............this had been another psychic or Esp connection, so they don't all come in dreams. 

     My own personal feeling is that it was sacred ground before the mountain man arrived and maybe that's why he ended up there.  Something spiritual was there from the past.  A lost city buried beneath?  Did Noah's Ark cross over?  Maybe an Indian burial ground, I don't know. Native Indians are very spiritual and it wasn't just the weeds they were smoking.  I could feel something there.  I could feel something at the campground where I later worked too.  I had visions at that campground too.  Visions from something that happened in the past, very vivid and while I was awake.  Yea one day the boss and I were walking the grounds near an old shack and suddenly my whole body was engulfed in fear and apprehension.....and I saw....I'm not sure what I saw....it was brief.......something to do with captured, trapped people who were dressed as if they were back in the witch hunt era.  Freaky!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feeling of Apprehension

     I have this feeling of apprehension about someone I have been running around with.  Ever get that feeling about someone?  That's called instinct or gut feeling.  I have learned by trial and error you might say, to listen to that feeling of apprehension.  We should always pay attention to our instincts or intuition.  Every time I don't, I get into trouble.  Maybe it's a message from above?  I believe completely in psychic message's because I have been sent not just message's but pictures that psychic believer's like myself call visions........

     I was carrying out the trash one morning nonchalantly and as I bent over to pull the lid off the garbage can, I was stopped......... frozen.......... as my sister's face popped in front of me........as clear as if she were right there in my face.  At about the same time, I felt a pain in my heart.  I hadn't seen my sister for several years.  Only because we were busy living our lives in different area's of the world.  When I got back into the house I immediately made a phone call to see if my sister was alright.  Not too long after that......... she died.  While I was there at the hospital when she never returned from her coma, I found out she had gone into a coma several weeks prior to this last one and I think that's when I saw her face.

     So this vision, while I was awake and doing houshold chores, along with dreams, other visions and other message's is why I say we should always listen to our gut feelings, instincts or feelings of apprehension.  Not in this particular case but in many It's just really hard to figure out where, what, who or how sometimes.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


     Come N 2 my mind............  This may turn out to be my favorite blog.  This blog is about journeys... to.....the other side.... or... the other world?  OBEs or "out of body experience's,"  they are known as to some.  Some think they are just dreams.  Well what ever you like to call them.   I have been there, done that and look  forward to many more obe journeys.  My first post on this blog is about a movie actor of a TV series "Cheyenne," I use to watch as a child.  Clint Walker, the main actor and still an attractive sweet man shares his experience with us on Zone Thriller Cheyenne on You Tube http://www.youtube/.